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  MapElection: A "Geiger Counter" for Election Results
An online aid to detecting hidden patterns and anomalies in an election
Quick Start
  • To view this Help screen, move the cursor to this display area.
  • To view maps, slide the cursor up and down the righthand side of the map lists.

Two-Minute Tutorial

  • This website shows the results from Chicago's February 2011 Mayoral election (50 wards, 2571 precincts). Included is a study
    of envelope irregularities (4 wards, 226 precincts).   [Scroll down]
  • To shrink this windows to fit your monitor, tap Ctrl-Minus one or more times. To restore this window to its original size, tap Ctrl-Zero.
  • To view a map (any item listed at screen left), slide the cursor to the righthand side of its name.
    To view the default map, slide the cursor to this display area.
    To lock a map as the default, slide the cursor to the far left side of its name. (This also works for the Help screen.) A vertical line indicates the current defaults.
  • The Picks list contains copies of maps you've selected for comparison.
    To copy a map to the Picks list, click the map's name in the Atlas or Overlay list.
    To remove a map from the Picks list, click the map's name in the Picks list.
  • To compare two maps, slide the cursor back and forth between their names (or between a map name and this display area).
  • To pin a map feature, click on it. The marker stays in place when you switch maps.
  • To discuss an Atlas or Picks entry: Lock it, then click the "Share Comments" box.
    To discuss an overlay, to offer feedback, or to get more tips, visit the MapElection Blog.

Credits We're grateful to the following for their priceless contribution to this project:
    • Colleagues of the Idaho State University Geospatial Software Lab, for the freeware map-drawing application, MapWindow. (http://www.mapwindow.org)
    • The City of Chicago and the State of Illinois, for the map templates.
    • The Chicago Board of Elections, for election statistics.
    • Ben Weaver and Chuck Goldstein, for excellent mentoring of this website's coding.


    Disclaimer: Have comments about this website? Please let us know: contact@mapelection.org

    Launched 9/10/12
    Last Updated 8/20/14
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