MapElection: High-Resolution Maps of Election Results
On tap: Chicago's February 2011 Mayoral election.


Why Maps? Maps reveal hidden patterns and anomalies in election results.
Quick Start
  • To view Help, move the cursor to this display panel.
  • To view a map, move the cursor to the map name.
  • Not yet fully compatible with touch-screen devices.

Two-Minute Tutorial
Tutorial Video


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  • Viewing maps:
    • To view any map, move the cursor to the map name's right side.
    • To view the pinned map, move the cursor to this display panel.
    • To pin a map (or the "Help" screen), move the cursor onto the left of the map name. A vertical line indicates a pinned map.
  • The Picks list contains copies of maps you'd like to compare.
    • To copy a map to the Picks list, click the map's name in the Atlas or Overlay list.
    • To remove a map from the Picks list, click the map's name in the Picks list.
  • To compare two maps, slide or tap the cursor back and forth between their names (or between a map name and this display panel).
  • To circle a map feature, click on it. The circle stays in place when you switch maps.
  • To discuss a map with other visitors and with staff,
    • Pin the map, as described above.
    • Click the "Share Comments" button on the map.
  • To offer feedback or get more tips, visit the MapElection Blog.

Credits We're grateful to the following for their priceless contribution to this project:
    • Colleagues of the Idaho State University Geospatial Software Lab, for the freeware map-drawing application, MapWindow. (https://www.mapwindow.org)
    • The City of Chicago and the State of Illinois, for the map templates.
    • The Chicago Board of Elections, for election statistics.
    • Ben Weaver and Chuck Goldstein, for excellent mentoring of this website's coding.


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    Launched 9/10/12
    Latest Update 10/7/15
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